The UK Hardcore scene has been growing since the mid-90s, with bands like Knuckledust starting in 1996. But the scene is getting bigger in cities such as Southampton and Reading and I spoke to Josh Clapham, who is the lead vocalist of UK Hardcore band Petulance, who are based in Henley-on-Thames (which is not too far from Reading actually). They have been together since July and they are currently recording their debut 5 track release called Forged Morals.

I mentioned to Josh about his band’s name and where that came from and why and he said “we came up with the name Petulance when realising how bad our last one was and we wanted something that displayed our age and Petulance meaning young and ‘silly’ kind of showed off we were rugrats with the instruments I guess.” 

They’ve only played one gig as this band — Josh was previously in another UK post-Hardcore band — and he said this was because they didn’t want to gig properly before releasing any music; “but when the opportunity came to play with GSF (Grove Street Famillies), Murder Circuit and John X McClane arose, we jumped at it! Not only was this exactly the scene we wanted to get into, DIY hardcore shows, it was also a great slot for a first gig, being local and what not. Compared to my previous gig experience, this one had the more appropriate crowd who would value our music more”

Petulance take on a metal-core and a ‘harder’ hardcore sound on the instruments. Josh said as a vocalist, he is heavily influenced by Frank Carter (ex-vocalist of the Gallows). The band is mainly inspired by bands like LA based band Minority Unit and Nihility. When asked about if he was excited about playing with GSF again he said “when playing the GSF gig a while back, it went really well. The GSF guitarist loved us, same as the vocalist for Murder Circuit.”

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