[INTERVIEW] The Heartbreaks

Sat with a questionable burger in The Lexington, London after their sound check, The Heartbreaks sat down to talk about bringing in a new band member and the reception of their latest album, which was not received as well as they had hoped.

Singer, Matthew Whitehouse, and drummer, Joe Kondras, gave an insight into their views on the second album, titled ‘We May Yet Stand A Chance’, and how they thought the album was “quite poorly” received. When asked if they could go back and change anything, Matthew said, “I would change nothing, we are immensely proud of it and we love it, we were left to our own devices”.

The band have a new live member called Damien who plays the guitar and is described by Matthew as a “folk head”. When in the sound check Damien was playing a mandolin and when questioning  them about it Matthew  said “Oh is that what it is!”. By adding Damien it has given Matthew a chance to, in Joe’s words, “Dance around” which he was happy to express , clearly shown by the in your face thrill you get when they perform is mesmerising.

The  tour had only just started with their first gig in Leeds when the band had some technical difficulties where  almost every piece of equipment had broken. Reminiscing on the situation, Matthew  told of how the “Microphones were broken, amps were broken and so were hearts” but in the spirit of the, now, five piece they persevered and just had a laugh, spurring the crowd on.

As the  conversation went on, they spoke about their previous material with Edwyn Collins and said, “it was possibly some the best songs we created, he is a beautiful man”. When seeing The Heartbreaks live it’s almost like they have been handed the baton from Collins and will go on to achieve great things  they so rightly deserve  .When talking about any other collaborations they would love to do they mentioned Diana Ross and Phil Spector, if he ever gets out of prison.

The band have been around since 2009 and even though when asked what’s next for them, they didn’t have a clue but revealed they are not giving up on The Heartbreaks and from the reception they got whilst playing live at the Lexington, neither are the fans.

By Sam Rees

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