[INTERVIEW] The Bulletproof Bomb

Hannah: Hi guys! Do you want to start by introducing yourselves?

Tom: We are The Bulletproof Bomb and we’re from Sutton. I’m Tom and I play bass


Joel: I’m Joel and I play…the voice, and guitar.

Mike: I’m Mike and I play guitar.

Robbie: I’m Robbie and I play keyboard.

George: and I’m George and I play drums.

Tell me about your sound.

All: punky, British, indie, pop, garage, guitar, funk, soul, jazz…

T: I don’t know, fun?

R: Yeah fun! We’re a new genre called ‘fun’.

You’ve just released your new track, ‘Five Green Bottles’, why did you choose this particular song to release as a single?

J: Well we only had 4 recorded so that was the biggest reason.

T: Yeah, well I think Five Green Bottles is our best one because it really encapsulates

what we’re about.

R: It’s like our manifesto isn’t it?

All: Yeah.

Well you definitely picked the right song seeing as it has been playlist on Radio 1! How did you find out that was going to happen?

J: Our manager James dropped by my house and showed me a text. It didn’t really sink

in, I was just like “oh that’s pretty cool” and then I went inside and peed myself.

T: And cried.

What does it mean to have someone like Zane Lowe supporting you?

J: It’s brilliant, Radio 1 are so powerful. If you’ve got them backing you, you can go

anywhere. We got a Zane play in February and we’ve been milking it all year!

T: It’s amazing just how much power they have isn’t it? Disclosure’s success had a lot to

do with Radio 1 really liking them. They drive a lot of new stuff.

J: We’ve had a lot of support from Gary Crowley, BBC London’s “Introducing” fella, and

he was at the centre of the punk scene which drives what we do, so that’s massive.

Who are you guys listening to at the moment?

J: I’m listening to Lorde. I really like Lorde.

T: Really?!

J: Yeah, I love her! I’d love to meet her, she’s alright.

R: I’m listening to a lot of Mac DeMarco. He’s got horrible teeth though. Really bad.

Do you think that ‘Five Green Bottles’ being played on Radio 1 has been a big turning point for your band?

T: Definitely. Our Facebook has gone up a bit. People are paying more attention to our

Twitter which is good.

J: Yeah the likes go up, the favourites go up.

R: It’s good just to see people talking about it to their mates and stuff. It feels good.

T: It’s less like we’re just someone’s mates band now, more like we’re a professional

band in a way. We’re getting towards that.

J: We’re not making any money but the sentiment is there.

R: We got a fiver each actually. From one gig we got a fiver each.

M: When? I didn’t see that…

T: Well that’s your fault for turning up late!

J: We spent that on chips.

M: You bastards!

What was the last gig you went to see?

R: Probably Bestival.

T: Chic were the last people I saw.

J: The last act I saw that were brilliant was The Orwells at Reading. They played the

Festival Republic stage I think. They were wicked.

Based on the line-ups that have been announced so far, are you planning on going to any more festivals next year?

R: I’ve only seen one act announced for one festival and that’s Metallica at Reading. Not particularly my cup of tea.

M: Wait no, Jamie T has been announced too, that’ll be good.

T: Marilyn Manson [announced for Download festival] is sick, he is good. I thinkGlastonbury is the one though.

R: Glastonbury and Bestival are the two I really want to go to next year.

You headlined the BBC Introducing stages at Reading and Leeds this year, how did that go?

J: It was good. We weren’t meant to headline, Moko was supposed to actually headline it,but she was ill for two days. In the end we headlined it. That was really cool. The crowds were really good. It was cool just to go up to Leeds as well, we’ve got a bit of an online following up North as well so it was nice to actually have those people come and see us.

M: We got a lot of feedback afterwards which was good.

R: Yeah it was weird because a friend of ours said “oh I met someone the other day who said they saw you in Leeds” and we were kind of just like really? There were 20 people there, they must have met all of them!

J: We had an awful time beforehand though. We were all so excited to play Reading, you know, every little boys dream, and on the way up there we get this phone call saying that Jamie T is clashing with us. We are VERY similar to Jamie T, as everyone likes to tell us…

M: “Oh you sound like Jamie T”.

R: “You know what? I think guys sound a bit like Jamie T!”

Who would your dream festival line up be?

T: Can they be dead?

Yes. So it’s a 5-day festival, all of you pick one band you’d like to see.

G: The Stone Roses.

R: I’m going to go for R.E.M.

M: I’d love to see Blur.

J: The Buzzcocks.

T: The Sex Pistols. That’d be funny.

G: I think they’d all get on.

R: That would sell out.

T: I think we’ve got an idea here guys!

What are your plans for 2015?

M: We’re hoping to play some festivals, hopefully on bigger stages.

T: We’re releasing some new music, some new tunes.

J: We’ve got a new single coming out in January and then hopefully an EP a few months

after that.

Anything else you want to say?

T: Check us out.

J: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud…

T: Spotify. My playlist is being uploaded soon.

R: Are we actually doing it? Is it working now?

T: Yeah! Check out my playlist on Spotify.

All: Everybody listen to Tom’s playlist!

T: Listen to me!

Thanks for your time guys, and good luck with your new single!

By Hannah Alice Cade

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