[ALBUM REVIEW] Statues – Together We’re Alone

Statues’ debut album, Together We’re Alone is the incredible result of five years hard work.

Initiating in 2009, the hectic Australian hardcore outfit have performed with the likes of Stray From The Path, Northlane, Every Time I Die, Structures and La Dispute. This debut album demonstrates the blood, sweat and riffs that have shaped this album, whilst building a reputation as one of the most fervent hardcore bands of the last few years.

Album opener All Fears Are Learned All Victories creates an intense initial impression. Standing at a short one and a half minutes long, Statues pack in headbanging riffs, rip roaring vocals and a heavy as fuck motif than runs throughout. It gives you exactly what you need from an opening track and by all means it is a true indication of what’s to come in the next eleven tracks.

The heaviness continues at the second track. We’re shot in the face by persistent discordant riffs and drums that keep to a sonic pace. Always Building Always Breaking ensures they amp up the levels of chaos, resembling a bull in a china shop. It rings out Feed The Rhino, Every Time I Die and Gallows at every corner. Although chaotic, the melodic undertones snag your ear drums and there’s a good chance they’ll stay there for a good while.

Recently released single Oh Precious Commodity staggers it’s strident guitar tones, paving the way for vocalist Jayme Van Keulen to lay down his tenaciously hoarse refrain. Through eleven tracks of chaos the aptly titled I Want Peace, opens a fresh side to the band, which, through spoken word and a single beat, plods along nicely. Straight away we’re given what we crave again as Jayme blurts out his first note on Abide. They slow it down, chucking in sludgy riffs and a percussion assault which is set to cause chaos in the pits.

Statues have created a stunningly ferocious album that’s powerful from first to last. Together We’re Alone has cemented their spot as one of the most chaotic hardcore bands in Australia. This is only the start of Statues so watch this space.

Together We’re Alone is out on 9th January 2015.


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