Incendia Music have released their Christmas playlist of all their awesome bands which you can check out for free! 

Head to https://incendia-management.bandcamp.com/ for 13 tracks of the best unsigned and up and coming talent around at the moment in the world of rock and heavy metal. Whether you’re into your rock, prog, tech metal or electronic 80’s progressive metal… there’ll be something here that tickles your fancy!


1. Incendia Advert
2. Agent- Collecting Scars
3. Bad Sign- Confession
4. Brutai- Relapse
5. Caligula’s Horse- Dark Hair Down
6. Dzyen- As One (Featuring Ashe O’Hara)
7. In Search of Sun- Idle Crown
8. Mask of Judas- Gravity
9. Midnight Realm- The Rebuild
10. Statues- Oh Precious Commodity
11. Subversion- Revelation (New Vox)
12. Voyager- Hyperventilating
13. White Moth Black Butterfly- Rising Sun

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