[ALBUM REVIEW] Taylor Swift – 1989

When Taylor Swift announced she was making the move from country to pop music, the question stood, how much more poppy can she get?

Enter 1989, a big pop punch in the face, as though the music itself is determined to prove its place amongst its commercial peers. Pumped up with electro beats, industry-standard synths, repetitive lyrics and more catchy hooks than you could shake a stick at.

It would be too easy to pass off Swift’s latest effort as generic pop though, and that’s a thing that all too many will be quick to do. Despite a relatively weak introduction with Welcome To New York, the album picks up pretty quick.

Tracks like All You Had To Say, I Wish You Would, Wildest Dreams and How You Get the Girl all showcase some perfect, clean production. Not to be forgotten is the lead single Shake It Off, come on, who hasn’t overheard someone singing it recently?

Taylor Swift presents effortlessly powerful vocals across the board, having seamlessly transitioned from a singer of country to pop, however gradually she may have done so.

From one of music’s biggest names of the moment, 1989 presents itself as a strong candidate for the year’s best pop album.

Written by Nick Verrell

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