[Feature] Band of the Week #1 – Girlpool

No drums.  This girl duo are a strangely attractive bunch with their heavily deep bass lines and ballsy attitude as they innocently scream “you leave me in the fucking rain” in their single, Blah Blah Blah. These LA girls are ready to switch things up on the music scene, especially with no attendance from any drums in their tracks. It shouldn’t work, but it is incredibly intriguing.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Line-up: Harmony Tividad (bass), Cleo Tucker (guitar)

Background: The Duo formed in LA’s ‘The Smell’ some time ago and are currently gearing up to release Wichita, their debut EP which is out in just a matter of days. They scream, they’re (annoyingly) adorable and they’re energetic which gives them that quality that lacks in a lot of duos. Maybe they couldn’t find a drummer they got on with but it’s hard to imagine these girls with the backing of some snares or cymbals now.

See them live:

(Nov. 15)Bar Bloc – Glasgow

(19)Sebright Arms -London

What to buy: Blah Blah Blah (Available from Oct. 17th)

File next to: Deap Vally, Honeyblood, Quarterbacks

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