[FEATURE] A Guide To Navigating Festival Season With No Money


Festivals are the new holiday. Having to pay a shitload for a ticket, enough alcohol to fill a paddling pool and copious snacks that you’re going to ditch for a £4 box filled with 15 chips – you’re probably going to only choose one out of the SXSWs, Readings and Glastonburys of the circuit. However, there are ways of avoiding putting yourself into debt all to catch a glimpse of Arcade Fire behind some 6ft guy’s head.

Free Shows

Seems like a no-brainer huh? At the city-orientated festivals, you’re more than likely to be presented with free showcases sponsored by the likes of mobile phone giants such as EE. The Great Escape puts on tonnes of free shows every year with industry parties putting on whatever buzzband with no future they can get their hands on. You’ve also got iTunes Festival where you can join a thousand other people who’re wandering around having no interest in whoever’s playing that night but applied to every single night and this was the only one they managed to bag. Or if you want to take it outside, Notting Hill Carnival provides a range of DJs and acts to watch if you’re not just getting wasted and watching the parade float on by.

Blag A Pass To One   

 “I’m from this up and coming food-tech fusion blog, can I get a pass to Field Day please?” There’s no doubt that variations of this phrase have been used by every opportunistic “blogger” in an attempt to gain access to festivals and there’s no evidence to suggest that it doesn’t always work. Having looked at the lists for passes at festivals, I’m not sure why Lush and Hello Kitty need their employees to be at music festivals but fair enough.

Make Your Own Festival

 Who says you need a field full of people and corporate sponsorship to classify as a festival? I’m not talking about a shitty speakers-wielding, Carlsberg glugging party in the park though. Find someone with a proper system, a cheap gazebo-tent monstrosity and get some people in to annoy your neighbours till 2am with Lana Del Rey remixes and R Kelly’s Greatest Hits. Proof: Leefest started out as a garden-run festival and now is a proper one but I’m not necessarily saying that’ll happen with your own creation.


Aurora Mitchell

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