[Feature] Top 5 Acoustic Guitarists You Should Be Aware Of

Acoustic GuitarSometimes I get the impression we take the beauty of an instrumentalist for granted. Too often we think of an artist as someone who can play an instrument well, write some alright lyrics and hold a note.  Of course it takes immense talent to do all of those things and write a hit. But what if it isn’t a chart topper you’re trying to create? What if it’s just a song that someone can appreciate, enjoy and fall in love with? In no particular order, here are five acoustic guitarists who use their instrument to tell the story instead of their voices.

Luca Stricagnoli-

Italian guitarist Luca delivers divine melodic music full or clarity and creativity which shines through in every song he performs. Whether it’s wonderfully intricate finger picking, and the amazing ability to play three guitars at once in ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ or the intrinsic harmonic tapping and bassy body beating in ‘The Future’, Luca manages to create a sense of comfort and splendour in his music.

Listen to ‘The Future’ on YouTube here:


Andy McKee

Having been a presence on YouTube since almost its very beginning, Andy McKee has exploded throughout the globe and has performed world tours of his well crafted, refined masterpieces. Whether he’s using the guitar to perform all parts of Africa’s ‘Toto’ at the same time, or whether he’s playing two separate melodies simultaneously in his heartfelt rendition of ‘Rylynn’, American born Andy has made himself know as a leading presence in finger-style guitar playing online.

Listen to ‘Rylynn’ on YouTube here:


Antoine Dufour

French Canadian finger-stylist Antoine Dufour uses his wonderful ability to write melodies using just harmonics to great effect in his hit ‘These Moments’. Much like the traditional guitarists, Antoine uses his lengthened nails on his right hand to capture the perfect string tone, whilst his left hand uses the fret board for bass melodies, with the addition of finger slaps and palm knocks on the body to create an all round multilayered piece of genuine craftsmanship.

Listen to ‘These Moments’ on YouTube here:


Mike Dawes

Creating an almost dark aura around the nature of his finger-style, British born Mike Dawes uses his influence from folk and rock to enchant the listener. In his song ‘The Impossible’ he makes full use of the muted strings to create a sinister chime. Incorporating this into heavy body and string slaps, rapid strumming, and eerie harmonics he crafts not only a piece of music that is alluring but deep at the same time. Mike is also notably recognised for his viral version of Gotye’s- ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’.

Listen to ‘The Impossible’ on YouTube here:

Daniel Voth

A clear fan of the unorthodox tapping style on the guitar, Daniel Voth uses his ability to rapidly tap the fret board simultaneously with both hands to create a sound reminiscent of an 8-bit electronic track in his song ‘Brazil’. Using this method alongside synthesized backing fazes he creates a piece of music that takes both concentration and appreciation to enjoy.

Listen to ‘Brazil’ on YouTube here:


You can find all of these artists and many more on the Candyrat Records YouTube Page.


Ashley Howell

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