[SINGLE REVIEW] The 1975 – Robbers



In August of last year The 1975 delivered their self titled album that gained mixed reviews across the board. Since then they’ve released several of their songs as singles with accompanying video including Sex, Girls and Settle Down. The latest single to hit the shelves on 26th of May is ballad ‘Robbers’.

Accompanying the song is a theatrical video in which a couple, the male being front man Matt Healy, get absolutely wasted, rob an American truck stop store and subsequently Matt appears from the store bleeding from a gunshot wound, to then be picked up by the rest of his band mates. The video delivers a sense of fun, danger and passion from its lead characters.

The song itself is known to have been one of the bands earliest written tracks explaining its dark vibe which is comparable to songs off earlier EP’s such as ‘Antichrist’ and ‘Me’ . ‘Robbers’ is not only a stand out song on the album because it is so different to huge anthems like ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Heart Out’, but because it’s narrative tells a story of heartache and trouble. Adding to this is the use of eerie synthesized screeches and the chilling line screamed “Now everybody’s dead!”

The contrast to all the funky R&B inspired tracks is a welcomed break on the album. Of course Matt’s voice can grate on most people, but if you can get past that then you will truly understand what the band have created over more than a decade of being together.

Listen to ‘Robbers’ and watch the theatrical video here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyy3YOpxL2k

Robbers is released on 26th May through Dirty Hit/Polydor records.

By Ashley Howell

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