[SINGLE REVIEW] Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Four Tet Remix)


Save for an awful club remix of ‘Summertime Sadness’, you’d be forgiven for needing a memory jog as to Lana Del Rey’s complete domination of 2011. Since Lorde became a thing and shifted the quirky voiced limelight, Lana’s been concocting around her cauldron of modelling contracts and world tours, chucking out ‘West Coast’. Albeit a pretty effective stab at a return to enticing the kind of frenzy she found second nature circa Video Games / Nation Anthem. 

Lana hasn’t exactly gained a sunny disposition on her holidays though, with her new stuff seemingly just as malaise as ever. Luckily notorious knob twiddler Four Tet is on hand to give ‘West Coast’ some much needed activity. The results are highly credible indeed, which will no doubt satisfy Lana’s ever-growing club savvy audience with it’s atypical snare driven bounce. It’s noting particularly out of the ordinary, and Four Tet’s production lacks ingenuity, but this remix exists for a reason: to elevate Lana Del Rey from daytime radio to the dance floor. 

Check it out here:

Toby McCarron

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