SINGLE REVIEW: Iggy Azalea ft. TI – Change Your Life


‘Change Your Life’ was originally intended to be the Australian rappers breakout single, explaining that her label indicated “it would be a waste,” and “wouldn’t make a proper impact” is somewhat true as ‘Change Your Life” doesn’t completely hit the spot. Although she does retain the hip-hop swagger of her previous work this single seems a lot poppier compared to say ‘Work.’

Rapper Azalea has decided to sing for the first time, this does give the track a bit of shine, but its nothing to rave about.

For an outsider it must have been hard for Azalea to find her place in the hip-hop scene, but she definitely is getting there, after the release of her debut ‘Work’ and follow up ‘Bounce.’ Lets just hope she has something big up her sleeve for the future.Fans will be disappointed, there’s nothing new or exclusive.

Hollie Donovan

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