[SINGLE REVIEW] Future Brown – World’s Mine ft Prince Rapid, Dirty Danger, Roachee


The project Future Brown is a new project from artist and composer Fatima Al Qadiri; Nguzunguzu; and Lit City Trax. Showcasing their project live in the form of a basketball inspired choreographed performance at MOMSA PS1 in Queens, New York, it is clear more vocalists and music artists will continue to work towards the project of Future Brown. Future Brown’s general idea for this project seems to be a more artistic appeal to hip-hop and the subgenres along with it, heavily involving aspects of electronic music as well.

Previously releasing a trippy groove song by rapper and vocalist Tink, ‘Wanna Party’, ‘World’s Mine’ ft Prince Rapid, Dirty Danger and Roachee is their recent released track from the project.

World’s Mine is the perfect track to release at the moment, in order for U.S. listeners to experience grime music in a way where it sounds more like something that would be played in a hip-hop spa, rather than an estate. Still having a raw sound and feel of grime, ‘World’s Mine’ is definitely more suited for a lenient target audience. Although it is known that the grime scene in the U.S. isn’t huge, this song may make UK grime icons recognized by a wider audience.

Rappers like Busta Rhymes, French Montana, and Nicki Minaj have already had their douse in the genres of Jamaican dance hall and southern crunk hip-hop creating a concoction of sound in the song “Twerk It”. Although maybe trying a bit too hard in attempts to create something new, it’s good to see people are trying.

Afi Baaqi

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