House duo Duck Sauce is back. After the success of their 2010 hit ‘Barbara Streisand’, A-Trak and Armand Van Helden have released their new single entitled ‘NRG’. The single, which will be part of their full-length album, is just as just as catchy as anything Duck Sauce is renowned for. Along with their international success and string of infectious hits, the Ducks are back and ready to Quack.

Certainly not forgetting to include their reputable sense of humor, ‘NRG’ is reminiscent of something you may hear in an 80’s aerobic class – dancey, fun and upbeat. Modernized with drums and electric guitar, the single is brimming with synth-pop. Sampling Melissa Manchester’s 1985 single “Energy”, Duck Sauce has accompanied the single with a hilarious music video – think overly enthusiastic American infomercial meets Requiem For A Dream. The song, however, works perfectly without the music video. It’s the kind of song that is stuck in your head for weeks after you hear it just once.

Duck Sauce has once again proven their ability to produce some of the best and most memorable feel-good anthems. We’re certain the full-length will be packed with energetic catchiness.

By Alana Anderson

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