[MUSIC NEWS] Cloud Rap



Lil B, Drake, and A$AP Rocky are a few rappers of this century who prefer to talk about their personal emotions over most. Some fans have even pointed them out as being homosexuals just because their previous music was more masculine.

Cloud rap is a mix between surf rock music and hip-hop. The lyrics of cloud rap are not like most mainstream rap artists who talk about spending money, getting bitches and partying. It’s more about the artists really letting their feelings out and the escapism of reality. Hallucinogenic drugs also play a huge part in the creation of this genre, cough syrup and weed are the most popular.

The Cloud rap scene, is very similar to the gender bending scene of the 80s pop scene. Music artists like Boy George and Prince were known for creating a more metrosexual image in the music industry.

In order to be authentic in the cloud rap you must be fully confident in yourself and you must not let gender roles in society define who you are as a music artist.

Afi Baaqi

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