LIVE REVIEW: The Crosstown Trio – The Royal Surrey Pub, Morden


The Crosstown Trio are a British Americana/Roots band hailing from Surrey who tonight set their sights on The Royal Surrey Pub in Morden, a friendly local who dedicate their Friday nights to the live music scene.

The Crosstown Trio were nominated for the BBC young folk awards last year and are rapidly building a substantial fan base, also becoming publicly and critically acclaimed for their country style three part harmony. A popular band who easily managed to draw in an atmospheric friendly crowd and portray a wave of professionalism and overall versatility. The trio are all young lads who with their own material play their signature country style.

All three members are on top form with vocals contributed by all. The quality of the signing, the musicianship, the style and the lyrics really hit you. “Company” is the most enjoyed track of the evening, it brings together so much and is portrayed so expertly. Acoustic Guitarist Charlie Walter is refreshing and creative in the unique way that he plays with a twang. The mainly seated crowd grew larger, rose to their feet and towards the end of the set are up dancing along to the very talented local trio. They have a sound which is so familiar yet so unique in todays young music scene.

The Crosstown Trio delivered one of the weekends best performances and hold copious amounts of hope to be the next big thing. Their concluding song “My Heart Is Holding up a Shield” really brings out the talent of bassist Coskun Guclu that consequently brings the song together whilst cleverly not being to overpowering.  The Trio have such a new and refreshing sound its hard for them not to put on a solid performance that is sure to be received greatly to whoever is listening.

Hollie Donovan

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