ALBUM REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – The New Classic


The New Classic is the debut studio album from Australian rapper Iggy Azalea released via Island Records. There has been plenty of hype about this long awaited release, but it’s unclear as to whether Iggy has managed to live up to it.

Opener, ‘Walk The Line’, is a frank and honest start to the album. “Not said it was fair, but still I never knew fear. Not in a million years could you tell me that I’d be here”. Continuing on the slow, genuine feel, ‘Don’t Need Y’all’ is about Iggy’s solo climb to the top.It’s laid back feel is accompanied by her raspy singing voice, something we don’t hear much of on the album. The next few tracks bring the necessary uplight to the debut, the first being ‘100’, featuring WatchTheDuck’s soulful yet scratchy vocals. ‘Change Your Life’, featuring T.I. is a heavy yet refreshing track, it’s clear as to why this has been her most popular single. Charli XCX joins Iggy on ‘Fancy’, the latest single. The two opposites gel well in this urban, party anthem. In fact, this was the track that made me give Iggy a chance.

Things slow down a little with New Bitch, it’s nothing new but it works because it’s the Iggy Azalea well all know. However you can hear the feminists grumbling as she refers to herself repeatedly as “his new bitch”. ‘Work’ is the finest illustration of Iggy’s rap skills, flowing effortlessly to an infectious beat that made this track a new classic. The production on ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ is seamless. It’s an uplifting track which distracts you from the how cliche her message is.

‘Goddess’ has a refreshed, raw feel. It’s expressive with hints of Kanye West energy to it. The weakest track on the album is Black Widow, but that’s probably because it’s tainted with the Rita Ora’s vocals. It’s nothing new, sounding the same as other tracks on the record then plastered together with Ora’s tacky delivery of cheesy lyrics. It probably seems like it would be a good, risk, with the burst of pop, but it fails sadly. ‘Lady Patra’ featuring Mavada, is another weak link, it’s a strange and misplaced addition to the album but it exudes the trap beat featured in her EP’s and is blended with Madiva’s reggae vibes. Final track, ‘Fuck Love’ will become an anthem amongst true Iggy fans. It has the perfect mix of EDM and Hip-Hop, the duo which could propel the track into the charts if it wasn’t for expletives overtaking the chorus; “Fuck love give me diamonds. I’m already in love with myself.”

Sarah Armstrong

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