SINGLE REVIEW: Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark


Fall Out Boy are masters of the catchy hook. Indie discos of 2005 were filled with the cries of “sugar we’re going down..” leading to huge success and pop-punk triumph for the Illinois four-piece. This year marks a comeback for the band after a rather lengthy four year hiatus. Their latest musical offering My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark has presented a completely new musical direction for the band. Gone are the emo-pop whiny vocals and clear sound of a guitar, and in it’s place a rather epic sounding anthem. These guys are shedding their pop-punk adolescence in favour of a sound which appeals to the masses.

The track begins with soaring distorted choral vocals which slowly build up, showcasing the impressive vocal range of singer Patrick Stump. His vocals range from angry, almost spoken verses to the high pitched climatical cries of “I’m on fire”. Dramatic chants and hand-clap rhythms fade in and out adding to the song’s epic intensity. It’s impossible not to sing along due to the increasingly repetitive and catchy hook, something of which Fall Out Boy have proved to be complete masters of.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark is a loud, in-your-face track which at times does appear a little too dramatic, but the band appear completely unapologetic for the new, slightly overproduced sound and have instead embraced it with full vigour.

The song’s video perfectly depicts their dramatic change of sound, with rapper 2 Chainz burning past Fall Out Boy records and memorabilia. The band are literally trying to burn their past and start again with a completely different sound and with this anthemic, rather over-produced single they have achieved just that.


Hana Barten

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