EP REVIEW: The Kooks – Down



It’s been three long years since we’ve heard a new release from The Kooks, and they’ve undeniably been missed. Fans of the Brighton quartet have been awaiting new material from the boys behind some of our Indie favourites, notably ‘Naïve’ and ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’ only to be presented with a completely different sound.

The ‘Down’ EP explores a brand new direction for The Kooks – a soulful, Hip Hop inspired 4-track infectious breath of fresh air. The EP begins with single ‘Down’, a new groove-infused direction that surprisingly works for a band known for their Indie anthems. Having worked with Hip-Hop producer Inflo on the single, ‘Down’ is an energetically catchy opener for the award-winning band.

Of the new approach, singer and guitarist Luke Pritchard said, “With this record we didn’t do any rehearsing beforehand… I’d write a song with [hip-hop producer] Inflo or on my own, put it up and we’d all play over it. There was a real freedom to the process.”

The second track ‘Hooray For Henry’ distinctly resembles a Rolling Stone classic brimming with authentic guitar riffs. The eclectic differences between the first two tracks certainly prove that The Kooks can produce a fine variety of sounds, showcasing several genres throughout the EP.

On ‘Hold On’ the soul and funk inspired melodies make for a Motown inspired pop classic, laced with Pritchard’s harmonious and sultry delivery while intertwining percussion weaves throughout. The final song ‘Melody Maker’ is reminiscent of The Kooks earlier trademark sound. Acoustic strings and echoing vocals close the EP, an experimental delight that has welcomed The Kooks back with open arms.


By Alana Anderson

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