Yung Lean has become more of a lifestyle choice than just a 17-year old Swedish rapper. His Sadboys collective has reached out to a group of people making sure they’re caught sipping on boldly patterned bottles of Arizona green tea and wearing bucket hats that they know make them look pretty ridiculous. Justin Bieber even came on stage at Coachella with Chance the Rapper wearing one recently – we’re not sure if they’re directly related but it demonstrates Yung Lean’s influence.

If you scroll through the Instagram/Tumblr tag for Yung Lean  – you’ll be confronted with pages and pages of images of #sadgirls and #sadboys pledging their allegiance with sullen stares, photoshopped teardrops and wearing Unknown Death 2002 shirts. His imagery lends from the Japanese language, old videogames and pastel floral arrangements. Lean is one of the more unlikely rising rap artists we’ve had in a while but easily one of the most intriguing. Sometimes lazily tagged under “meme rap”, there’s no doubt that this isn’t a joke for Lean Doer – it’s what he wants to pursue seriously. Lean’s conversational, often autotune-inflected vocals and vaporwave beats should make you wince but they’re too infectious. Before you know it, you’re singing “Shawty what you sipping on? Gatorade” to the uninitiated.

Aurora Mitchell

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  1. Hey Aurora,

    Sasha here from Australian management agency ALT/CNTRL.

    I read your intro on Yung Lean.

    Thus I thought you may be interested in 17 y.o Australian Producer UV Boi.

    The up-and-comer has only been releasing tracks for three months, but already, you can see the prolific rate he’s releasing them at. ”THANK U” is not the newest effort he’s offered, but it is the best out a the moment, the combination of the singer-songwriter vibes that Fionn brings to the table perfectly juxtapose the booming low-end and melodic additions of trap percussion and sweeping pads that are found on the impressive effort.

    It’d be great if you could take the time to listen and possibly review the track?


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