FEATURE: Fans of Pop Music Are Some of the Most Abusive People on the Internet

internet-troll-20110516-102141The chances are, Lorde or Lady Gaga aren’t going to see or reply to your imaginative but disturbing death threats, relentless promotion of other artists’ music or repeated requests to fuck them in different orifices. But that doesn’t make it okay to do it, even if you think you’re safe behind the photoshopped Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus avatar on your Twitter.

Even the most innocuous of social interactions from one of your favourite artists, a one word post saying ‘Hi’ can warrant insults that you wouldn’t dream of uttering in real life. There was an American TV show called H8R in 2011 that dealt with this, giving reality celebrities a chance to confront people who were haters behind their back and none of them dared to say half of the shit they originally stated once in front of the celebs. The show got cancelled after 4 episodes because critics were extremely angry at anonymous internet commenters being found out but if they hadn’t made the remarks in the first place, none of this would have happened.

Pop artists must really be rolling their eyes at the sight of these messages at this point and probably ashamed that there are some pretty sick people who are fans of their music. Last year, Lady Gaga called out for fans to stop hurling her online abuse but nothing can stop the wrath of a bored, unemployed internet troll.
Anyway, here are just a couple of choice examples of digital mud-slinging at popstars:
See, completely unrelated. Also not logistically possible, rethink your courting methods LadyDelLorde.

This particular account just continues spamming Lady Gaga with the word ‘rat’ whenever she makes a tweet for no apparent reason. Lesson: don’t cross Lana Del Rey fans unless you want to be called a rodent.

The amount of thought that’s been put into this sexual advance is impressive, but nonetheless highly disturbing. I can just imagine some pale 18 year old boy sitting at his computer staring blankly at his computer for ideas until one makes sense that will get RiRi’s attention whilst she’s blazing her mind away, “this is the one” he thinks… an analogy about electrical conductivity.

Oh god, the Lana Del Rey fanatic is at it again but this time her ire is directed at sweet teen pop star Ariana Grande. I’m just going to leave this one without comment.

I can see why Nicki Minaj enjoyed deleting her Twitter so much a while ago. There’s a reason these tweeters don’t use their real faces.

Disclaimer: No popstars were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Aurora Mitchell

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