MUSIC NEWS: #2Stepz4Ward Brought to you by Kane FM

Artful Dodger at Kane FM

Kane FM proudly presents #2Stepz4Ward on Friday 2nd May, which happens to be on bank holiday weekend. Which means you have no excuse to be inside.

#2Stepz4Ward is bringing back UK garage and will bring you brand new music and UKG vibes. Of Course you can’t forget the classics that we all know and love from Artful Dodger himself. Re-Re-Wind, yes I did just say Artful Dodger. When the crowd say Bo Seleeeecta!

Artful (formerly Artful Dodger) is headlining the first #2Steps4Ward. Winner of 4 Ivor Novello awards, with a number one album, two number one singles and 20 million records sold worldwide, I don’t think he really needs an introduction.

With garage influences everywhere is it really any wonder that the re-remerging garage scene in full swing? Since Disclosure brought the sound back to the main stream; it’d be rude not to host a garage event. As well as Artful the event will showcase talented DJs from Kane including Al Chewy, Murkle, Mr Fame, Easy M, and Frisky B. Also they have Orbit, Defect and Squeaky Da Rixter MCing the night.

You can buy advanced tickets £5 or alternatively you can buy them on the door at £6 before 10pm or £7 after 10pm.

For more information call 01483 440900 or 07698497409

Amy Watson

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