SINGLE REVIEW: Lily Allen – Air Balloon

Lily Allen single review

Lily Allen single review

Lily Allen is continuing to gear up for her return to music. After dropping her patriarchy challenging single Hard Out Here in November, the singer has now dropped a second track from her yet-to-be titled third studio album.

Air Balloon co-written by Allen and Shellback, is another tune from her long-awaited third studio album. Reminiscent of a nursery rhyme with quirky, relevant lyrics and a good backbeat Lily brings it back with her new song. Far from the days of singing about her younger brother this is a song packed with tonnes of summer vibes and dotted with Allen’s unique British vocals.

Lily Allen is the master of hiding a bigger message among some disturbingly accessible pop music, and she does it once again on this track. Air Balloon is inherently an escapist’s anthem, glamorising getting away from detractors and living your life the way you want, all while shaking your groove thang and singing as loudly as humanly possible.

Amy Watson

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