SINGLE REVIEW: Ed Sheeran- Sing

Ed Sheeran Sing Review

Ed Sheeran Sing Review

Following chart success of his debut platinum album ‘+’ in 2011, and heartfelt feature film track ‘I See Fire’ for the latest Hobbit sequel, Ed Sheeran releases his new single ‘Sing’ from upcoming second album ‘x’.

Abandoning his polished collection of fingerpicked, well harmonised, desolate diary entries, and taking a step back to the raw sound found in his ‘Collaborations Project’ E.P. New track ‘Sing’ is a multi-layering of unrefined string slaps, synthesized drum loops, bongo bops, and a mixture of Ed’s half sung, half rapped, mid 90s style exclamations topped with his recurrently impressive falsetto.

The basic overtone of the song is narrating Ed’s late night pulling venture in a club, recalling events happening throughout the evening, i.e chatting, getting his face licked, worrying about drink driving, attempting to woo a girl with his sculpted countertenor, the usual stuff.

However as much as I wish he’d stuck this track into a dark corner at the end of his album rather than releasing it as a teaser, I quite like the flow of it. By releasing something a world away from ‘The A Team’ and ‘Lego House’ he’s proven he isn’t conforming to what is expected of his album, instead he’s just back tracking a few years. As long as we don’t get a wank song featuring Rihanna like every semi mainstream album in past years, I’m sure the record will shape up to be a fitting follow on from ‘+’.

Check out the new track ‘Sing’ on YouTube here:


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