SINGLE REVIEW: You Me At Six – Fresh Start Fever


You Me At Six have released their latest single, ‘Fresh Start Fever’ and the only word that captures this song is adrenaline. Unlike ‘Hope for the Best’, the eleventh track from the album that was previewed last month, this single has a climatic chorus, reassuring us that they have not lost their signature style.

This track is a little dark and heavier than some earlier work, but has the perfect combination of pop and rock, a sound that works well for the band. It’s a great song that pumps every nerve in your body, leaving you breathless and buzzing from head to toe. Even as the accompaniment pulls back midway through the song, it’s a mere pause during a long run before picking up the pace again.

‘Fresh Start Fever’ isn’t a world away from work found on previous release, ‘Sinners Never Sleep’, but holds elements that are evident that the bands talents have strengthened over the last couple of years. Josh Franceschi’s vocals are stronger than ever, combined with the talent produced by the rest of the band. This single showcases some of the band’s best efforts and is hopefully a sign of what is to come with the release of their new album, ‘Cavalier Youth’.

Amy Watson

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