SINGLE REVIEW: The Weeknd – Wanderlust

the weeknd

‘Wanderlust’ is an extremely different beat, temp and instrumental from the first six songs from ‘Kiss Land’. Although UMG does restrict musicians, it seems as if The Weeknd has been left to his own devices.

The track ‘Wanderlust’ takes on an almost disco quality, skipping along with the cadence of something from Michael Jackson’s repertoire. Funky guitar riffs flank his tongue-in-cheek planes to corrupt; “Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere”. The vocals are outstanding. “You’re in love with something bigger than love, you believe in something stronger than trust. Wanderlust.” Taking this beat, The Weeknd has essentially taken a trip through the 80s, taking lyrics from Fox The Fox’s ‘Precious Little Diamond’ for the bridge in the song.

“Today I’ll love you and tomorrow you won’t care” this song is about his approach to girls nowadays, he doesn’t want to commit, he figuratively wants to take them to heaven and back. Wanderlust means a strong desire to travel and these girls are travelling out of this world and because they’ve had that experience they always wanted with Abel, they don’t care for tomorrow or their future.

Amy Watson

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