LIVE REVIEW: The Blackout- O2 Academy Islington- 18/1/14

The Blackout - Kay Elliot

5 years after the release of ‘The Best In Town’ The Blackout are back, with the same stupid hair.

First to the stage is Derby trio LostAlone. I’ve loved these guys for a long time and they always put on an amazing show. Steven Battelle’s set list is a little different however. He uses hand drawn images to represent the songs instead of writing them out (which he later admits to on stage when it all goes horribly wrong and they play a few of the tracks in the wrong order). Steven’s Jacket and his shoes are matching shades of vibrant bright red, and his dark bluey purple hair distracted me for far too long as it flailed about. During song ‘Hostages’ Steven entered the crowd throughout the guitar solo, making sure all the fans behind him were having a good time. The amazing set also featured tracks like upbeat song ‘Guilty’, ‘The Bells’ and ‘Love’ which were performed brilliantly and warmed up the crowd ready for the headliners.

The Blackout - Kay Elliot

[Lost Alone Guitarist Steven Battelle soloing amongst the crowd]

 After the interval the lights go out and song ‘ShutTheFuckUppercut’ begins. The first thing we notice about vocalist Sean Smith is the famous blonde floppy fringe that we have missed. During ‘Save Our Selves’, vocalists Sean and Gavin don’t even have to ask the fans to get on the floor, on cue everyone does it automatically.

The Blackout- Kay Elliot

After playing ‘Top of the World’, one of the best tracks from second album The Best in Town, Gavin shared an intimate moment with the crowd saying, “It means a lot to us that not only do we still have fans from back then, but you’ve chosen to spend your evening with us tonight so thank you guys very very much, it means a lot that you’re here”. Then vocalist Shaun goes on to say “I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything to do with this band as beautiful as that song just now, and the way you sang along, so thank you very much”. The band are so genuine in their thank yous it makes me proud to have shared this evening with them.

The Blackout Kay Elliot

Afterwards, continuing as they would have 5 years ago, Sean routinely masturbates the microphone and provides some witty banter going on to declaring that he doesn’t do mingers and telling the crowd that Paramore are rubbish which lightens the mood. They then finish their Best In Town set and begin playing songs off their other albums such as ‘I’m a Riot’ and ‘Radio’ in which they got members of crowd to do handstands in the mosh pit. The set ends on a high note with single ‘Higher and Higher’ from their 2011 album Hope. Sean finishes by saying “Thank you very much, you guys have been fucking amazing. Let’s get drunk you guys, we’ve been fucking awesome!” And thus ends an amazing night.

Kay Elliott

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