LIVE- Desperate Journalist, Stats & Storms- Artrocker New Blood, Hoxton 15/1/14



Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. A quaint wooden venue to fulfill all your overpriced cocktail and £4 pint needs. Tonight they play host to another night of the Art Rocker New Blood festival. Headlined by Storms and supported by Stats and Desperate Journalist.

Desperate Journalist begins to a slightly weak sprinkling of a crowd. The room is small and the bar is even smaller, yet the sound is huge and so are the speakers. Musically, they start on a strong pace, using low-key guitar and fast paced drumbeats accompanied by a gruntish vocal. Let it be said though the title Desperate Journalist is perhaps not a wise first choice name for a band trying to scratch their way up the ladder of success just as much as the next band. Not spitting on others at the bottom whilst you make your way up and all that. Thinking too much into a name aside, they start strong but do not hold out for the entirety of their set. Aside from a few obvious followers (family members) the crowds have entirely lost interest and boredom hangs heavy above our heads. Essentially we are listening to the same song on a stuck repeat and it is not doing Desperate Journalist any favors, cue the bands swift exit.

Off to a shaky start and with an audience on the verge Stats our presented to us. In matching lean-cut white shirts you wouldn’t be blamed for accidentally thinking you had stumbled into a formal Hot Chip event.. With a sound reminiscent of 80s hits that we all hate to love mixed with well-spoken almost poetic lyrical vocals, Stats are extremely fun. The audience begins to fill out again and we are treated to a display of arm flailing from the lead singer.

There’s something to really be enjoyed here. Whether or not it’s a genre that will glue or be appreciated is debatable but for this moment it’s entertaining to hope so.

Storms take the stage in a basking cloud of Indie. Equipped with check shirts five sizes to big, shaggy greasy hair cuts and hosepipe jeans, all male too, it is quite obvious from the get go where this is going.

Storms musical style can only be described as something we were listening to on the American Pie soundtrack. It was good fun, but we’ve since abandoned that and perhaps someone should politely whisper in their ears that 1999 was fifteen years ago and sum 41 are no more. Over Americanized, not quite on key vocals and slamming rushed riffs; Storms are a disappointing no no. Still, a surprising number of female followers begin to accumulate in the crowd, then again, how surprising is that?

Having said this, Artrocker have certainly put on a good show. It’s refreshing to see such an event purely based to showcase some fresh blood. Good on them.

Listen to Desperate Journalist here:

Listen to Stats here:

Listen to Storms here:

By Jade Heath



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