LIVE REVIEW: Leftines & Venice Trip- The Good Ship- Kilburn- 21/1/14


I’ve lived near London for around four months now, and one thing I still haven’t got used to is the price of a pint. Is it just me, or does £4.60 for a pint of Strongbow seem a little steep? You’ll struggle to find a ‘Spoons on the planet that charges anymore than £3.

But anyway, I didn’t trek all the way to The Good Ship in Kilburn to get pissed (which was lucky, as I’m a student and have little more than £10 to my name). Instead, I was there to check out a little band that I’m rather fond of. This particular band, go by the name of Leftines.

Leftines hail from a small town by Portsmouth, called Gosport, and were in London playing their first out of town gig. When playing away from home for the first time, many bands get a bit nervous – but not Leftines – full of confidence and excitement, the quartet managed to put on a top quality show.

Despite a few technical difficulties up on stage the four lads seemed to impress everybody in the room on their first outing. Their quirky guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics are enough to put a smile on even the manliest of faces and have everyone in sight nodding their head.

The sunshine band from the South coast create a sound similar to Little Comets and Razorlight, and tracks ‘Woman Like You’ and set closer ‘Belligerent Contender’ are enough to get you moving (which might seem slightly odd when you can see their bassist dressed in an Iron Maiden t-shirt).

It’s easy to see that big things are destined for Matt Bialas (Guitar and vocals), Dan Cleminson (Guitar), Tom Kershaw (Drums) and Truk (Bass), and if you’ve got any sense, you’ll be seeing them live whenever possible.

The first thing that struck me about headliners Venice Trip, was how the singer looked like an extra from a Pirates Of The Caribbean film. Though despite his questionable appearance, he and the rest of Venice trip manage to produce a really cool sound that incorporates blues, psychedelia and 70′s rock together to create a ”euphonious convergence”.

A lot of new bands seem to struggle with this, but Venice Trip successfully manage to pull off a fresh psychedelic sound that doesn’t scream ‘‘We’re massively ripping off Tame Impala with every fucking note that we play.’’

Through each track that they played, the insane groove of bassist Nick and punchy drumming of Joe Wood complimented each other, while Shenny played the keys in his own world and front man Andrés Alcover owned the stage.

The quartet from London ended their set with ‘Devil’s Parade’, which initially sounded like a soulful psychedelic number that soon turned into a cool as fuck reggae tune.

Stumbling upon this Doors-inspired band is something i’m glad that happened and I’ll definitely be looking to catch them live again.

By Jack Collins

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