SINGLE REVIEW: Sam Smith- Money On My Mind/ MK Remix


Set in Las Vegas, a gambler’s fantasy is the plot for Sam Smith’s single, Money on my Mind. While Sam walks around Vegas looking like a catholic priest in a blue blazer, slow-mo glimpses into different character’s lives are shown. Don’t let this high-definition cliché change what you think about love and money. You should be thinking about how it’s 2014 and cinematic projects dealing with Vegas are still glorifying bright lights, walk-in chapels, and strippers.  Of course that’s what it’s known for, but let’s be real, who actually cares about that stuff anymore? Are there people out there that haven’t been to Las Vegas and still find this place magical just because they’ve seen the wonders in music videos and movies?

Despite the music video, Money On My Mind is a decent song. However Sam has a high-pitched voice that sounds out of place as it is accompanied by a strong beat that seems to be going faster than his lightweight vocals. The essence of soul that’s meant to be heard in the original song is brought to life by slowing down the tempo and adding a funky basslines in the remix created by Marc Kinchen.

Watch the original video here:

Listen to the remix here:

Afi Baaqi

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