SINGLE REVIEW: Temples – Mesmerise


Recently, I’ve been going by the Noel Gallagher theory that everything Temples touch turns to magic. We can’t even blame every blissed out, kaleidoscopic offering they put out on Australia’s psychy genepool either, cause these guys? They’re from Kettering mate.

On latest single Mesmerise, James Bagshaw really couldn’t sound more like Kevin Parker if he tried and whilst there’ll be whispers that this track is doused in all things Tame Impala, the baroque infusion tells a different story. The psychedelic revival is in full bloom yet for some reason every band that wants a bite at the apple manage to sound different to their counterparts by some benign factor.

Temples’ selling point is their stubbornness in putting out a bad tune along with Bagshaw’s ever expanding hair. This can only make forthcoming debut, Sun Structures, a very, very good thing.


Harley Cassidy

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