ALBUM REVIEW: Toy – Join The Dots


Second album in, London psych-rockers Toy haven’t swayed much from the foundations of their debut. The same swirling feedback, nonchalant vocals and expansive instrumentals lie behind their latest offering Join the Dots. It all just feels a little more together; a little more like they’ve managed to finalise the sound that they were always aiming for.

First track Conductor is a complete headphones moment, an instrumental with soaring industrial noise and repetitive drum beats which lead up to a delicious shoe-gazey scuzz. Some moments echo old ’90s jangling indie, with Fall out of Love sounding like a strange mix of Stone Roses and Ride.

Things get a little weirder on their second album, with sounds stretching out longer and sounding less commercial than their debut. Title track Join the Dots is as radio friendly as the kraut-rockers get, with rolling guitar riffs and subdued synths, rolling up to a signature scuzzy crescendo.

Hana Barten

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