INTERVIEW: Bipolar Sunshine

After the break up of Kid British at the end of 2012, front man Adio Marchant has really started to make a name for himself as solo artist in 2013. Known as Bipolar Sunshine, Marchant has released an EP ‘Drowning Butterflies’, which has received a number of top reviews.

Along with the release of his EP, he has also played a number of high profile shows with the likes of The Courteeners and Haim. I caught up with Bipolar Sunshine before his set opening for The Courteeners at Shepherds Bush Empire, London.

Hi Adio, hope you’re well. Would you like to start by just introducing yourself?

Hi, I go by the name of Bipolar Sunshine from Manchester.

Firstly, the name Bipolar Sunshine… Could you just explain a little bit of what that’s about?

I try to let the music kind of show what the actual name is about, but mainly it was just to try and be able to write as extremely as I wanted to, but without feeling restricted by anything. Adding the sunshine at the end is just my of saying that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

You’re supporting Courteeners tonight at Shepherd’s Bush. Are you looking forward to getting out there?

Yeah, definitely. I get on with those guys really well and I’ve known them for a few years, so it’s nice that I’m playing these last two shows of the year with them.

There’s the big hometown gig tomorrow night at the Phones 4 U Arena in Manchester, have you played there before?

No, I’ve never played there before. It’s the only place in Manchester that I haven’t played, so it’s going to be amazing.

What do you think of the name change from the MEN Arena to the Phones 4 U Arena?

Hahahaha, it’s just ridiculous. But you know, it’s still the same place at the end of they day.

After 5 years of Kid British, the band decided to call it a day. What was the actual reason behind that?

We just felt like we’re all good writers and that we were all writing something that was in such a niche and that we could write so much more. It felt like we were putting all our eggs into one basket that just wasn’t big enough for us. I said that we should go our own separate ways and we’ll meet again when everybody’s doing their own thing and just take it from there. It all ended nicely because we’re all still good friends so it wasn’t like a hard split or anything like that.

So obviously you’re doing quite well for yourself at the moment, how are the rest of the lads getting on?

Well, everyone’s at different stages. Sean’s currently writing some new house type stuff and James is away traveling, he’ll be coming back to write some new stuff. Simeon has got some music coming soon under the name August And Us, which is gonna be pretty cool and he should be releasing some stuff in the next couple of weeks. Over the next year or so, you should start seeing quite a bit of everybody.

Your solo music is quite a bit different to the stuff that you did with Kid British, what inspires this side of your music?

I think it’s being able to look deeply into my self and thinking if I want to make music what do i actually want it to sound like? Rather than having an idea that goes to someone else who then changes it, which is what happens when you’re in a band. So the idea that you originally had doesn’t come out the way that you want it to, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. So now it’s a case of here’s my voice, here’s my angle and this is the way I want to go about doing it, which it why it sounds different to the stuff I did with Kid British.

You’ve had a couple of releases already, do you have any plans yet for an album?

Hopefully an album should come out after June, so we’re gonna get one or two singles out before then. Then we can push on with the album and get that out as soon as possible. I think that once you deliver an album, that’s when people can see what you’re fully about, so I’m interested to see the reception.

So, any plans for a headline tour?

I’m off to America to do SXSW, so after that there’ll be my own tour and of course I’m on tour with Phoenix and Rudimental next year. So I’ll probably bring out one or two singles before then and then go on to a headline tour.

You played iTunes festival with Haim, how did it feel being streamed all over the world?

It was very interesting. I wasn’t fully understanding how big the event actually was and when I got there I was like ‘Holy shit, this is pretty big’. The venue is massive as well, it was a fully amazing show.

The first I heard of you as Bipolar Sunshine was from a taxi driver in Salford. For any bands/artists that are trying to get themselves heard, what would you say is the best way of doing so?

Hahaha, just speak to that taxi driver! I just think that when you put music online, people just want the full package for it. The days of playing a hundred shows and thinking that you’re going to get signed is over because of the internet. Be strategic with your shows and then get your full package. Make yourself a video, sort yourself out online, make sure you have three or four songs to go ready and then make sure you’ve got eight or ten more ready to go afterwards. I just decided to write for a full year, most of the tracks I wrote, I wrote in February but I didn’t want to put anything out until December. You’re better off waiting until it’s right rather than forcing it out.

There’s some really good stuff coming out of Manchester at the moment. Who would you say are your top three lesser known acts from there?

There’s a really good rapper called Blizzard, who’s pretty sick. There’s Simeon (August And Us) of course, I’ve heard some of his stuff already and I know its pretty sick, so I can vouch for that and say it’s wicked. Thirdly, I’m gonna say Findlay, she’s got a cool thing going on.

I saw a tweet of yours last night saying, ‘I have £3 left on me, do I buy Rizzla or Food?’. What was the final decision?

I bought Rizzla. It was the wrong decision (laughs) I was starving!

If you weren’t doing so well with your music, what job do you think you’d be doing instead?

Well, a couple of my friends are football agents. I’d probably try that, it seems pretty interesting. But before all of this, I used to work in a furniture shop and I kind of started to like that. I’m not sure, I went to uni so I’d probably like to go into radio. It’d always be something around entertainment, because i was really into radio presenting and stuff like that.

If you could create your own supergroup, who would be in it?

I’d go Phil Collins on drums, because he could do a decent harmony as well. Guitar, I’d go with Hendrix and Prince because that would be lethal. Bass, I’d go with McCartney, no, Sting! I’d front it, I’d be very scared to front a band like that but I’d try!

You’ve put on Twitter about your favourite albums of the year, what are your top three?

My top three are.. ‘Yeezus’. Arctic Monkeys new album, which is just amazing. I think I’ll say Drake’s new album as well. Those are my top three up to now. Though, I’ve been listening to a bit of Lorde’s album and she has got some skills.

We’’ll do some quick ones now… Gigging or festivals?


Noel or Liam?


City or United?


Beers or Spirits?


Big venues or intimate gigs?

Big venues.

The best joke you know…

(Laughs) I don’t have any jokes. My jokes are shit!

We’re coming up to Christmas, if you were to cover a Christmas song..

SLADE! Straight away. I walked into Tesco and heard ‘IT’S CHRISTMAAAS’ and just thought this song is ridiculous, so definitely them.

Any last words to people reading?

Erm, you know, buy Slade! Give them another Rolls Royce for Christmas!

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