SINGLE REVIEW: Rabit – Sun Showers


UK Grime has long been polluted by mainstream success and when this happens to a genre it’s the producers that tend to get left behind. Grime had some of the most interesting production around in the 2000’s from Danny Weed’s Creeper to Stimpy and Scruface’s Nutty Violins.

But Sun Showers most reminds me of Kamikazee- Ghetto Kyote with its subtlety’s in sub bass. Admittedly Rabit stuff is more akin to dub step than the other producers but it maintains a grime feel. This Houston based producer seems to have walked head-on into creating Grime distopia with a J.G Ballard level of foresight.

Grime instrumentals are on the up and with a crop of young producers from all the over the world like Preditah, Samename and Slackk all pulling in slightly different directions, this is an exciting time for the scene.

Above all, Sun Showers is intelligent, interesting and really fucking good.

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