It’s 2005 and New-Rave is really exciting!!¡! Except it’s not. It’s 2013 and no one wants grab their glow sticks, don their neon top man t-shirts and trudge down to Nambucca or The Boston Arms for a foam rave hosted by fucking Partyshank.

That’s not to say this track is without merit, the vocal melody is particularly strong but their lyrics have gone beyond kooky and reached stupidity:’Waiting for, hard knocks, the school of, I think you are’.

Trying and failing to speak like Yoda is not good. But all genres need artist’s to continue on the thing and babysit it until it becomes popular again in one form or another. Replacing a guitar with a fucking steel pan noise is not enough to re-invent this genre. But it’s a start and not a altogether bad one at that.

Words by Tom Bacon

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