FEATURE: Fangirls Need To Cool Their S**t

Have the fans finally gone too far? You wouldn’t expect small bands like Blessthefall to have fangirls who are just as crazy as the One Direction fans.

I went to see an American band called Blessthefall twice on their recent UK tour and it really shocked me to see that even smaller bands are getting the batshit crazy stalker fangirls that the bigger bands such as All Time Low, Paramore and You Me At Six get. Before the support band even had the chance to leave the stage in Leeds a few of the teenage girls were asking for the band’s water bottles that they had used and their clothing. I really didn’t even know how to react to that, these guys have worked hard for their stuff. They aren’t going to give it to a fifteen-year-old girl just because she asked…. Are you really that fucking deluded?

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 14.04.03

While Blessthefall were playing, every time singer, Beau Bokan, came near to the edge of the stage, girls would be trying to grab him. Half way through their set Beau had taken off his shirt not only because he was really sweaty but also because the fans were practically ripping it off him. He had to continually pull up his trousers because they just kept trying to get them off. It almost felt as bad as the One Direction, Liam Payne fiasco that just happened in Australia, where a fangirl scaled the outside of the band’s hotel to try and break into Liam’s room but ended up stealing his underwear from his balcony. Even after the show some of the fans asked Dave Chapman their sound tech/merch guy if they could have Beau’s shirt that he had left on the stage.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 14.10.15

Second date on the tour I went to see was in London, and the band were doing a signing before they played the show. An hour before the signing was supposed to start there was already quite a queue forming outside Drop Dead. Even as the guys walked past, the girls who had been at the front of the queue started screaming. As they started to let people in you could see people becoming more and more excited, the first group of girls came out and you just see one of the girls drop to the floor in tears. She couldn’t have been over fifteen; I can’t even begin to process how you become like that with a band.

The crowd that night wasn’t nearly as rough as Leeds and seemed to have more respect for the band and seemed to enjoy the music more then wanting to just rip off Beau’s clothing. Walking out of the show I did overhear a female fan saying, “I can die happy now, I touched every bit of Beau Bokan” and that was a little unnerving.

It’s worrying that this seems to have become a normal thing in these girls’ lives. Stalking band members shouldn’t be a normal thing for anyone, its creepy and I really don’t think the bands appreciate other people butting into their private lives.

Words by Kayla Elliott

Photos Courtesy Of Kayla Elliott

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