EP REVIEW: Apes and Horses


In a year which has seen the massively successful returns of Daft Punk and Phoenix, the time seems right to lift the veil on France’s latest most exciting import.

Apes & Horses are a four-piece Parisian indie band finally set to make waves with the release today of their debut EP Bleu Nuit. Their manager is Warren Bramley, best known as the ex-manager of WU LYF. And much like their mancunian counterparts, they choose to stay mysterious and distance themselves from the media.

Musically, however, Apes & Horses are very self-assured. WU LYF did everything in one massive burst of creativity, the french foursome seem to be taking their time. When I saw them opening for WU LYF in 2011, they had already been playing together for two years. However, only two songs had surfaced so far : ‘Magenta’ and ‘The Fields’.

The latter has now been included on their debut EP Bleu Nuit, along with three brand new songs. ‘Seas’, ‘Minuit’ and ‘Blue’ prove the band to be much more than a skillfully-conceived marketing plan. The songs are slow-burning, epic Coldplay-esque wonders, only more nuanced. Just when the instrumental last track ‘Blue’ evolves into a massive jangling wall of sound and you are being carried away by the dreamy soundscape of the song, it stops.

And you know you’ll listen to it all over again, for there is nothing quite like Aurélien Hamm’s husky voice singing those heavy uplifting choruses. We might have to wait for another two years before they release a proper full-length album, but who cares when you know it’s going to be worth it anyway ?

Bleu Nuit is out today via Cracki Records. It’s also available to stream on SoundCloud.

Words by Brice Detruche

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