Born in Michigan and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma – Simon Curtis began his career at a young age performing in various musicals, including a role in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. At age ten he was diagnosed with Leukaemia, and had to persuade his parents to let him continue performing.

Having been successfully treated, he was able to further his ambitions and in 2009 he made his film debut in Nickelodeon’s musical movie “Spectacular!” From there, he ventured into pop music and released his debut album “8Bit Heart” in 2010 for free, garnering over 150,000 downloads in two weeks. He went on to release his follow up album “RA” in 2011 which debuted at number 20 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic album chart.

With the recent release of his album “WWW”, which like his debut album, can be downloaded for free at :


“Heart in 2” is the latest single to be released by this upcoming dance/pop artist.

If you were ever a fan of The Backstreet Boys, N*Sync or Britney Spears – then you may well enjoy this new track. If not, then I’m sure you’ll find a few choice words to sum it up.That being said, you may be surprised by this pretty catchy number.

Taking influence from typical 90’s pop, but also from Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha, the track would almost definitely fill a dance floor. And it’s hardly surprising, as Curtis reveals: “WWW includes songs I wrote to pitch for Girls Generation, Ke$ha, Madonna, Rihanna, Big Time Rush, The Wanted, Disney’s Shake It Up, etc”.

Beginning with a (perhaps slightly predictable) synth chord progression, before launching into a bass heavy verse that has Simon shows off his vocal versatility. By the time the chorus begins to build, Curtis is already hitting notes Justin Timberlake would be envious of.

Is the song ground-breaking? No. But it’s worth a listen, especially as Simon Curtis brings a bit more balance to a mainly female dominated part of the music industry.

– Words by Nick Verrell

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