[INTERVIEW] Matty Oliver

Sitting in a satin, sapphire blue robe is Newcastle’s very own Bob Dylan. He rolls a cigarette, sets it alight, and tells the tale of his musical endeavours. Matty Oliver may well be responsible for keeping the folk scene alive in years to come, with his witty lyrics, acoustic guitar and Geordie charm. As well... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Jacob Jones-Lewis

From upscale tours to music education, an aspiring musician tells all   Jacob Jones-Lewis, now 18, hadn’t always dreamed of being a musician. Growing up in South Wales, his first aspiration was to be a helicopter pilot in the army, stating that “pretty much everyone” in his family had taken a job in the army, and... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Lewis Jackson

Lewis Jackson’s YouTube channel is thriving and with uni life at a music academy in full swing he’s showing no signs of stopping as he talks of a future album, dream duets and…how many days there are in a weekend? “I just love him with all my heart.” In a dingy student kitchen in Guildford,... Continue Reading →


The Scottish alternative duo have been very busy lately with various concerts and projects. However, they have agreed to answer a few questions about how they managed to get as far as they are now, as well as their achievements and plans for the future. ST.MARTiiNS are one of a number of new interesting groups out there... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] The Dead Horse Gang

Cumbria isn't widely known for musical adventurism, with narrow minds, 2003 'cheese' and EDM rife. However, ardent DJ collective The Dead Horse Gang puts it out there, arguably for one last time. There is a dire urge for some form of auditory stimulation in Carlisle, Cumbria. Whether eerily experimental or a sudden idealistic glance back... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Michele Rossetti

A deep descent into the artist’s xanthous subconscious underworld, exploring his first single Orfeo Giallo from his ongoing solo project Disage a Trois and the importance of being communicative towards who and what is surrounding you. What can your eyes immediately capture observing this expressionistic painting above? Brush strokes of yellow. Sun and sand. Court... Continue Reading →

The Wave’s top albums of 2017

‘Tis the season of annual reflection and it is with great pleasure that The Wave UCA staff bring you our very favourite musical endeavours and escapades. Whether it’s a Soundcloud rapper, a pop-punk comeback or a death industrial masterpiece we assure you there’s something that will delight your delicate eardrums amongst this list.   Alexander... Continue Reading →

[INTERVIEW] Ruby Munslow

If you had told the feminists of the 60s and 70s that fifty years from then we would still be discussing a woman’s place in the music business, they would likely have been horrified. Having said that, they had probably never met a female manager, or roadie, or technician. They would certainly never have met... Continue Reading →

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